The Battlefield Where the Girls Say I Love You

That's just the thing: we will never tell you we love you. In fact, we're here only to hold hands across state lines and yell at the world. We're here to try to touch you across this chasm of flown things. Not even that. At most, I will teach you how to make a gin smoothie when there's nothing left in the house. Hannah can teach you several languages and what to do when your car breaks up with you. Thanks for coming out.

Monday, November 10, 2008

our pockets pulled inside out:

i know. october 24th. it's pathetic. so much so that erica has been using my own tactics against us, as in texting: BLOG! MOOOOOOOVE! which is flattering, in the way a stalker outside your window holding a lock of your own hair is flattering. let's just say, hannah has been smittenly climbing trees and tucking flowers behind her ears. that is, on the days she's not wearing a fedora. there's no telling, really. and i've been soberly watching bad kevin spacey movies and writing about the OBVIOUS associations between gold finches and clark county, nevada in 1965. so, it may not surprise you that i offer only the cheap manipulation, the hey-look-over-there as it were, of a mix compilation:


Erica said...

You think that was stalkerish??
Lets just say be thankful you blogged today. I can do waaaaaay better than a text when it comes to stalking. Don't forget to look under your bed before you go to sleep tonight. :-)

pamela said...

maaan, Seal sounds GREAT!

Also: "Bernadette" is an inspired choice.

patrick said...

seal? yeah? really? that isn't some kind of south carolinian humor? some jab i'm not able to duck away from?

seal. hm.

mamie said...

um, i've been listening to the redding-cooke versions for, oh, i don't know, entire election seasons.

and, well, seal's has a certain duende.

not to be outdone, he makes out with heidi klum every day. beat that.

mamie said...

oh, and you'll know southern humor/jab/sarcasm when you see it. by way of zz top and deanna carter.

patrick said...

sorry, but ZZ Top is a texan alumn. they belong to us. we claim them. we love them. they are our allman brothers.